Actively contributing towards sustainable energy transition

We believe ESG Policies are a mean for creating positive economic, environmental and social value for our portfolio companies, investors and society.

Our fund promotes sustainable investment, by embracing sustainability in both Net Zero Ventures and our portfolio companies, integrating environmental, social and governance initiatives.

Embracing ESG standards

Today, as a society, we face the important challenge of ensuring the sustainability of our environment, but also the ecosystem where we live in. To tackle this challenge, we must be able to anticipate and promote the development of those technologies that can
represent a step forward towards energy transition, with a measurable impact either to reduce energy consumption or diminish carbon emissions, supporting projects that are committed to values that go beyond strictly financial returns.

Aware of our responsibility to transform society and build a better future together, but also as core nature of our fund focused on energy transition technologies, we have embedded the Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) factors into our investment decisions.

Our contribution to build
the startups' ESG practices:

Promoting general policies
regarding ethics and corporate governance

Establishing a complaint anonymous
channel for employee’s discretional use

Implementing ESG reporting and creating an
action plan to improve current metrics

In Net Zero Ventures we believe in providing our portfolio companies with financial, human and organisational resources, allowing them to undertake a new road towards growth, create sustainable value, and together tackle the climate crisis

Climate tech is booming globally as a global value creation sector

At Net Zero Ventures we would like to know about your proposal to achieve the net zero emissions challenge by 2050

Share your details with us and let’s transform the energy sector together!